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Staging A Successful Meeting – Meeting Room Check

Allow time for set-up and rehearsal and allow time between sessions to re-set meeting rooms. Book all meeting rooms in 24 hour time blocks. Verify when presenters will arrive and if they need rehearsal time before their scheduled start time.

10 Fundamentals for Effective Meetings

Here are ten fundamental concepts that characterize an effective meeting.

The Power of Planning Ahead

People suffer needlessly by postponing tasks until the last minute. A lot of tasks we race to finish at the 11th hour could be completed with ease if started early enough.

How To Rivet The Attention Of Any Audience

A boring speaker isn’t just tedious for the audience. It’s embarrassing for the speaker. If you’ve ever suspected you might be putting people to sleep, fear not. You don’t need an elaborate bag of gimmicks to liven up your talks. All you need is a little more liveliness in your voice.